Custom WebSite

Your project is complex and requires extensive preliminary study, the custom Pack allows you to get a true audit of your needs. This preliminary phase will validate all the tree of your site, the zonings, graphics models for your visual identity and all the features you need. We can also link your website to your business tools (stock, sales management, customer relationship management …).

The custom website is a particular case of Web Development Service.

Stages of implementation of the project website

Study customer needs : An understanding of the client’s business and its needs in terms of visibility on the web is required to achieve the commercial and technical project proposal.

Validation of commercial and technical proposal : A commercial and technical proposal is written by MikWeb SARL. After confirmation with the client, a web completion contract is signed between the two parties and the agreed advance is paid.

Collection of documentation : A collection of documentation (Word, Excel, PDF, pics) is required to have the raw material needed to complete the website.

Website creation : Collaboration is needed throughout the creation process for the customer to validate the achievements made progressively.

Delivery and Training : A brief training is required for the client to use his password and update its website.

After Sales Service website

After delivery of the website, any operation on the site is payable.

MikWeb SARL can support website (maintenance, updating, monitoring traffic … etc) against a monthly or annual subscription to negotiate, This is the Web Mastering Service.

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