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In computing, In computing, a web application is a software manipulable through a browser via internet.

Generally, internet users use a web application without even knowing it, here are some examples:

– A web mail service is a web application.
– A content management system is a web application.
– A blog is a web application.
– A wiki is a web application.

Web applications are part of the changing uses and technology web called Web 2.0.

Web applications require knowledge of different web technologies: HTML for page layout, CSS for the graphic, JavaScript (jQuery) for automation executed by the client and PHP for server side programming.

Advantages of web applications

  • Access via web browser from import what position (login and password).
  • Functional richness similar to traditional software.
  • Better mobility, remote accessibility.
  • Applications Multi-users.
  • Maintenance and updates simplified and accelerated day because centralized.
  • Simplified deployment, even for many users.
  • No special software installation on desktops.
  • Multi-terminal compatibility and Multi-systems (PC, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, Android ..etc.)

How to create your web application

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